About US

Golden Moment Wedding Planner & Event was created by a Team of experience team of dedicated people, experienced with over 10 years of same industry service in leading position to make your event as prefect as your need, who chose their passion as their profession and this incident of their life have been pushing them constantly to expand their potentiality.

Right now Golden Moment Wedding Planner & Event has the highest number of fan following among Bangladeshi wedding panning industry on our Facebook pages and has covered the significant number of events in Bangladesh.

We are creative in every aspect of the event; planning, promotional and publicity as well as execution. By being creative, our events are more outstanding and will leave a great impact not just to us, but to our clients as well.

We believe in the strengths of each of our team members and we have proved to exceed our clients’ expectations and presenting them with successful events that raved fantastic reviews around the world!

Fearless Leaeders